2018: New Horizons & Falling on Your Face


2018... Oh, there you are. (Insert the weak, breathy "Phwhew" of a kazoo)

  chasing the ghost,  2016

chasing the ghost, 2016

It certainly has been awhile! I have to be honest, this artist did not do the best job of keeping up with herself or her career in 2017, for myriad reasons that took my time and energy for a little while. I think it imperative to the success of an artist to recognize the onset of failure and  when it stares them in the face. Now... Did I fail in 2017? No. Though I didn't create as much new work as I may have wanted, I succeeded in something equally important, that we all could use a little more of, even when we think we don't: I discovered self love, and how important it is to take time for yourself when you need it the most. While I did participate in a few exhibitions, had my work published in Studio Visit Magazine and finished a few commission pieces, the vast majority of my 2017 was spent on me. I traveled to beaches, suffered loss on a few occasions, spent time with friends and family, found new hope and happiness, and changed. A lot. 

That personal growth is what allowed me to write this post- to share with you all my metaphorical slip on the ice (I had to- it's COLD in Pennsylvania right now.). What that slip really did was motivate me to continue on creating, loving, reading, and living life (and damnit, falling in love with it, too!). I'm so, so excited to share this journey with you, and let you in on the little secrets I learn along the way. Keep creating, everyone, and remember: Sometimes it's okay to take a time out, as long as it's what's right for YOU.