Winter Blehs, Work and Coffee (& FREE Pro-Practice Tip #2!)

Is anyone else feeling the creeping dread of winter yet, or is that just me? I have to admit, going to the easel every day is a bit difficult when the air outside hurts my face. Don’t get me wrong- I love living in a state that gets to experience all four seasons, but winter is my absolute least favorite (after the holidays). Do the seasons influence your work and ability to make? Let me know!

Thankfully, I work in a beautiful environment that’s full of color and warmth!  

  A gorgeous view from the lobby- that couch!  

A gorgeous view from the lobby- that couch! 

Where do I work, you ask? Hold up, I gotchu- when I’m not painting, I’m the Youth, Arts and Events Coordinator at the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology, located in the bustling metropolis of Brockway, Pennsylvania. We’re a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through the Arts and job training. If you’ve heard of the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild in Pittsburgh, then you know exactly what we do. 😉 If you haven’t, check us out at!  

One of the great things about my job is working with kids- we offer a no-cost after school program for students in grades 9-12, where they can come into a safe environment and transform their lives through creating art. Whether it be ceramics, jewelry and metals, or (shh- coming soon!) 2D art, the students have the ability to express themselves outside of their high school art room. If you’re lucky enough to love your job, are you even really “working”? (There’s always coffee if you need a little push in the right direction, too!)

Speaking of coffee, how about this week’s PRO TIP!? This week, let’s talk about motivation and routine- without these two steps, getting to work can sometimes seem tough! I’ll be honest- sometimes this tip is hard for me! Between working, life and volunteering at the local art gallery, mama’s tired. But you know what? I still do it, because I know the consequences of not  doing it. I’m a firm believer in the idea that you can only fail if you quit- so don’t quit! 

A great way to get motivated enough to form a routine is to get organized. I can’t recommend this enough- get yourself a nice planner and physically schedule  a slot to get into the studio. If this isn’t enough motivation alone, also make sure to write down your goals . What do you want to accomplish in 2018? Write it down!  These tips may seem simple when you read them, but you’d be surprised at how much can fall by the wayside when you neglect to make a physical record of what you want to achieve. You can also use apps like Google Calendar to schedule studio time, so that way your phone (that I guarantee is in your hand when you aren’t working- I’m even writing this post from mine!) can remind you to get your booty to the easel (or the wheel, writing desk, etc...). The hardest part of getting into a routine is simply starting- but I believe in you. Comment and let me know what you do to get moving in your art practice! I’d love to see how y’all work, and would love to feature some of your tips right here! 

Love, coffee and WARMTH! PA is too dang cold-