life update

New Home, New Job, New Life

Sometimes, humans go through exciting seasons in their lives that cause them to delete their blogs, move to a new city, get a new job, and just completely turn their world on its face!

Me. Hi. I did this. Talking about myself here.

In the last 2 months, I’ve moved to Pittsburgh, started a new job, and dove face-first into the world of magick and creativity with more oomph than ever before!

I live here now? What? Rad. Image via    google

I live here now? What? Rad. Image via google

The New Home

In March of 2017 I packed my entire life into many, many car loads and moved from Punxsutawney (where I had only lived since May of 2016, when I graduated from grad school) to Dubois, Pennsylvania to be closer to my job at the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology. I found a gallery, a job I loved, new friends, and a small arts community that made the transition very easy. It also helped that DuBois is only a 30 minute drive from Punxsutawney, the town I grew up in and where much of my family still resides. For the next two years I continued to live in this small town, growing both my painting practice and career as the Youth and Arts Coordinator/Painting Teaching Artist at BCAT to capacity (for me). Though I was thriving in these parts of my life, I was more than crumbling on the inside. I needed to expand. Badly. In winter of this year, I finally started to do something about the internal crumbling (think of a dry cookie that no one can eat because not even milk can soften that bad boy up) and began searching for a new home to transition into the next season of my life that I so badly needed.

In June, I packed up my life yet again (+ two angry kitties) and took the biggest, scariest leap of my life; I moved to Pittsburgh. (Wait- scary? Claira, you WANTED to move here! … yes, yes I did. But when you’re me, big changes are terrifying.) My partner and I found an adorable place in the neighborhood of Sharpsburg, just to the East of the city proper. I was sad to leave my amazing coworkers and the friends I had made in DuBois, but excited to have the ability to expand again, and even better- with someone I love and want to share my life with. (Cue the “awwwwwww"‘s”) Leaving my job at BCAT meant that I needed to find something else- something equally fulfilling & relevant to my art career.

The New Job

I had actually started my job search back in February of this year, looking for and applying to anything that felt relevant to my abilities and experience. After many, many “no thanks” emails, interviews that faded the luster of the initial job descriptions I applied for, and even two hires, I still hadn’t found what I was truly looking for in a career.

Cue manifestation. I had really hoped that I’d be able to make an easy transition from my current job to a position within the center BCAT is modeled after, the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild. I already knew the staff and followed the mission- why not work there? Of course, at this time there were no openings, so I applied to other things while I kept asking the universe to provide me with an opportunity to work with the center I had modeled my entire life philosophy around. I told myself every morning that I’d work for them when I moved, even though there were no positions open. One night, I was checking my email before bed and had a mini heart-attack; a position had opened up at the Guild! Instead of going to sleep that night, I got my resume and cover letter ready and sent it in, shaking the entire time. A few weeks passed before I heard anything, and then, just like I had asked, I received a call for an interview. It wasn't the position I initially applied for, but they were impressed with my resume and wanted to interview me anyway!

Two days after moving, I started my new job as a Teaching Artist in the Design studio at MCG and I absolutely LOVE it.

Tl;dr: Manifestation works, kids. Ask(hustle) and ye shall receive.

The New Life

This heading is a little bit of a lie- I’m very much the same human, living the same life. However, the life is opening up to more opportunity, new experiences and more friends, and a fresh view of my future as a painter and creative. I’m able to spend more time with my partner (I mean… he’s my roommate now, so what choice does he have? Heh.). My mental health is improving (one day at a time) and I’m seeing myself from an entirely different perspective! I’m experimenting with new media and painting on textiles! I’ve also started exploring watercolor this year, using the medium as a means to learn about the magickal properties of plants, runes, herbs & to deepen my spiritual practice. Life’s good, and I want to continue telling y’all about it, so welcome (back) to the bloggo!

xoxo- C