New Moon in Libra: Release, Renew, Get to Work.

When it comes to the practice of ritual, I find that there is a huge correlation between the rituals I participate in with both art and Spirit. The repetition, the renewed sense of worth, the connection with my Higher Self… It’s all there! At this very moment, we are (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) currently experiencing the New Moon in Libra, the bringer of Balance, Beauty and Empowerment (

I’ve been feeling a bit stagnant as of late- unsure of my future in painting, unsure of my future in education… just unsure of it all! Where was I going, if anywhere at all? Was my art “worthy” enough of my own standards, and the standards of the world? WOOO, so many QUESTIONS! AHH! THE WORLD IS ON FIRE AND EVERYTHING IS DYING.

Whew. Okay. Focus.

With this new moon, I finally took my brain into my own hands (not physically, though I’m fairly sure that it’d make for the world’s BEST asmr video…) and told it to cut the crap. Preparing my studio for ritual (cleaning the space, rearranging my altar, cleaning the litter box, etc.), I allowed myself to release what’s been holding me down for the last month or so.

I released negativity.

I released guilt.

I released feelings of low self-worth.

I released fear of failure (yes- even those of us who write posts on permission to fail still fear it. I’m only human in this life, ya know.).

After my studio was cleaned and cleansed (two different things, y'all), I journaled, meditated, and invited my intentions for this cycle to join me.

I invited abundance.

I invited good health.

I invited mindfulness.

I invited positivity.

After this (and this is the MOST important part of my rituals), I expressed gratitude. Immense gratitude. Gratitude for my ancestors (who were most certainly with me tonight). my path, my Higher Self, and those around me in this realm. I also expressed gratitude for all the negative thoughts I released- acknowledging these thoughts, thanking them, and releasing them is extremely healthy in terms of growth (at least I think so).

With this New Moon, I’ve decided that in order to fully invite these things into my life, I need to really get to work. Not just on painting, spiritual practice, yoga, or whatever else (well all of it, but I digress)- but on consistency in each practice. The best way for me to invite abundance into my life is to simply show up and put in the time abundance is asking for.

What the hell does that mean?

It means more blog posts, more considered paintings (instead of hastily painted ones), more engagement with my audience, and less mental gymnastics in the process.

Are you one to write down your thoughts/do rituals/dance around the room to celebrate the New Moon? Let’s talk about it! Leave me a comment & we’ll discuss magick, stress, and all of that other good shit.